Why Card Counting is Illegal

While discussing strategies like card counting, it’s essential to consider the playing environment, including the standard card table size, which can influence game dynamics and player comfort.

Many assume card counting is legal because it acts as a mental tracker of the cards in a way that does not break the game’s rules.

In contrast, most casinos consider card counting unlawful and unfair. Exploring below will help you understand why many consider card counting illegal and what consequences one can face if caught doing this illegal task.

Why is Card Counting Illegal?


Card counting is illegal in a way because it ensures a person wins. Casinos have banned it because it provides them with an advantage; however, whether it’s illegal or not depends upon the location where it has been practiced.

Here are the 8 reasons that make card counting considered illegal:

  • It usually disrupts the profitability ratio of the casinos, as we all know that a steady generation of revenue is needed to help sustain the casinos. This includes tasks like managing and introducing new card tables and others. It might threaten the casinos, disrupting the Gambling Enterprise’s business tactics and profit margin.
  • Card Counting also acts as a barrier against new users as it spoils the main fun of the game. Therefore, casinos become boring and unattractive when beginners think that any unlawful practices are cheating them, and hence, they force them to quit the game despite their keen interest in being a part of it.
  • Maintaining game ethics, many card games include luck as the main part of their achievement; Casinos frequently are against any method that harms the game’s fairness. They try to gain the public’s trust by banning card counting.
  • It also acts as an adherence to the legal requirements of the game because card counting is taken as a strategy that tends to manipulate the result of the game, violating the gambling laws.
  • It also reduces arguments and fights. Casino manipulations lead to troublesome situations between gamblers and the house. When a gambler counts a card and wins a large amount, the club or casino raises objections over their method, leading to a fight, and the brand also suffers a huge loss.
  • Maintaining the house’s edge over the players backs up the casino’s profitability in the long term and ensures its future viability. Card Counting also helps to improve the players’ odds.
  • Card Counting also helps avoid disruptions and group work by being more efficient when players play against the house.
  • Card counting also ruins the casino experience as it causes gamblers to lose faith in each other. By banning card counting, the casinos ensure that the players are in a healthy environment that allows them to focus on the game with full concentration.

Consequences to Be Faced While Card Counting

  • Banning – The game organizer may warn the card counters and may stop that particular person’s participation in future games.
  • Blacklisting of the individual – The casino monitors the counters and many others suspected of manipulation during the game. If you are banned from a particular casino, getting admitted to any other gym would be tedious as they share information.
  • Confiscation of the winnings- The house may take the counters and the amount they have won for violating its rules and regulations, even without the individual’s prior consent.
  • Legal Proceedings- Casinos or clubs can refuse to provide service to individuals suspected and found guilty of counting cards. If a gambler is found counting cards, the club might interact with higher authorities and act against that person.
  • Watch Over – If an individual is found guilty of card counting, the casino warns them and monitors their future games.
  • Psychological impact – If a card addict is caught practicing card counting, he’ll probably not get entry to any casino; this causes mental stress and, often, a serious psychological disorder.


All in all, card counting is illegal for some locations and not for others.

It does not break the game’s rules and regulations but harms the casino house’s profitability ratio.

The casino cannot sustain itself in such an environment as its main motive is to loot the customers.

Card Counting may provide mere help to the users of the casino’s house, and hence, they think it’s legal, but considering the factors mentioned above, it is illegal.

Share your opinion in the comments. Does your casino allow practicing card counting?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Casinos Consider Card Counting Illegal?

Not all casinos consider card counting illegal, but most of them do. Simply because it kills their profits. If you’re caught practicing counting, casinos have the right to ban you and take serious action for the same.

Can Anyone Do Card Counting?

Yes, even a normal player can learn to count cards; however, it takes hours of observation and learning. However, one should remember that card counting can often result in serious consequences. Therefore, it’s good for practicing purposes.

How Much Time is Required to Learn Card Counting?

Card counting requires time; with full dedication and practice, you can become a master of this in around a week. But remember, the time mentioned may vary depending upon the interest and desire to pursue expertise in card counting.

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