Why Does Vicks Vaporizer Turns Black?

Vicks vaporizers, like many other household appliances, can develop a black residue over time. This might seem strange but don’t worry, it’s usually nothing to fear.

We’ll find the common reasons behind the blackening of Vicks vaporizers and what you can do to prevent or clean it. You’ll find that the process is natural and can be easily managed with a little care.

Vicks plug-in vaporizers are used to add moisture to the air, which can be a big help during dry seasons or when you’re feeling under the weather. Understanding why this happens and learning how to keep your Vicks vaporizer in good condition can help ensure it continues to work effectively and provides you with the relief you need.

So, let’s start and learn about why Vicks vaporizers turn black.

Accumulation of Mineral Deposits

Vicks Vaporizers can turn black because of something simple. The water you put in them has minerals like calcium and magnesium. When you turn on the vaporizer and the water gets hot, these minerals don’t disappear. Instead, they stick to the inside parts of the machine, like the heating part. Over time, these minerals build up and make a black or brown layer. So, the blackening of the Vaporizer is just these minerals hanging around and sticking as the water turns into steam. In case you are wondering, Is Vicks Plug-In a safe choice for your baby? Get the lowdown in our latest article.

Mold and Bacterial Growth

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The yucky black things in your Vicks Vaporizer often happen because of mold and germs. The inside of the device is warm and wet, which is like a comfy home for these tiny troublemakers. When there’s water and air, they party and make babies. While they do that, they can also make the inside of the vaporizer turn dark and not so nice. So, it’s super important to clean your vaporizer regularly to stop this from happening. By doing that, you’ll have clear and healthy vapor whenever you want it.

Residue from VapoSteam

VapoSteam is a special liquid for Vicks Vaporizers that makes comforting vapor. It has things like camphor, eucalyptus oil, and menthol to help you breathe better when you’re sick. But, if you use the vaporizer often, these things can leave a gunk inside it. Over time, this gunk builds up on the inside of the vaporizer. It not only changes how it looks but also how well it works. To keep your vaporizer in good shape, clean it regularly to clear the pile-up gunk.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

1. Regularly Clean Your Vaporizer

Cleaning your vaporizer is super important to keep it safe and working well. You should clean it after you use it or once a week. Just follow the instructions from the maker to take it apart. Then, clean all the parts like the water tank, the hot part, and where the steam comes out. This easy routine ensures your vaporizer stays fresh and safe to use. It also helps it last longer. So, don’t forget to give your vaporizer some regular love and care for happy and healthy vaping.

2. Use Distilled or Demineralized Water

Use purified or filtered water in your vaporizer to keep it running smoothly. This type of water, called distilled or demineralized water, doesn’t have many minerals in it. When you use this water, you’re less likely to get mineral buildup in your vaporizer. Mineral buildup can clog up your machine and make it not work as well. So, stick to purified water, and your vaporizer will last longer and give you a better vaping experience.

3. Empty and Dry the Reservoir when Not in Use

When you finish using your vaporizer, it’s important to do a few simple things to keep it clean and safe. First, empty all the water from the vaporizer tank. Then, just let it sit out in the air until it’s completely dry. Finally, put it away in storage. Why is this important? It’s because doing these easy tasks stops mold and germs from growing inside your vaporizer, which could make you sick. By following these easy steps, you’ll ensure your vaporizer stays in good condition and keeps your home healthy.

4. Clean VapoSteam Spills Promptly

If you spill VapoSteam or any other medicine in your vaporizer, clean it immediately. This stops gunk from building up. Gunk can make your vaporizer not work well and might even break it. So, if you spill something, clean it up fast. It’s a simple step that keeps your vaporizer in good shape so it works when you need it.

5. Replace VapoSteam Regularly

To keep your vaporizer working well, use a new VapoSteam every time you use it. Why is this important? Well, it’s all about stopping gunk from building up. When you use a fresh VapoSteam, you ensure there are no leftover things from your previous uses. These things can clog your vaporizer, making it work less effectively and eventually breaking it. So, don’t forget, using a new VapoSteam each time is the way to go. It keeps your vaporizer running smoothly and lets you enjoy those relaxing vapors without any issues. It’s a small step for big benefits.


The reason Vicks vaporizers turn black is because of the minerals in the water. When we use tap water or well water in the vaporizer, it contains small minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals can build up in the vaporizer over time and form a black or grayish dreg.

To prevent this, you can use purified water in your Vicks vaporizer. Don’t forget a black Vicks vaporizer doesn’t mean it’s not working properly. It just means there’s a bit of mineral buildup. Regular cleaning and using purified water can help keep your vaporizer looking and working its best.

So, now you know why it happens and how to prevent it, keeping things simple and easy.

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