16 Aeonium Succulents For Your Garden

What would you choose if you were to decide what type of plant to have for your home? Each style has its own beauty, care requirement, and story given the available plants. Planting or gardening takes some patience and work. But all the hard work will be paid off with the benefits of having house plants. A key to having a house plant is knowing the type that suits your personality. The standard type of plant is succulents because of their appearance and care. In this article, we will discuss Aeonium Succulents. Continue reading and learn about 16 different varieties of Aeonium Succulents.

Aeonium Succulents Origin and Features

Aeonium is known for its beautiful rosettes. This type of plant has fleshy leaves. Growing Aeonium Succulents is easy even in freezing areas. Aeonium Succulents are also best to grow indoors. They have adaptive survival strategies and come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and textures. They can survive when planted on a well-draining soil mixture, has enough sunlight, and have a proper watering schedule. They prefer temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Different Aeonium Succulents

  1. Mountain Rose – This plant is simply one of the best Aeonium. It forms little rosettes that look like roses despite having a green color. Mountain Rose has a red hue as it ages and are one of teh most beautiful flowers.
  2. Dwarf Aeonium – This succulent has vegetative branches growing a dense mass of thick and plumpy lime-green to orange leaves with deep red on the edges.
  3. Black Tree Aeonium – This plant is very magnificent. It has glossy purple leaves that almost look like black under direct sunlight. If you place this plan under the shade, it turns color green.
  4. Bronze Medal Aeonium – This succulent produces small rose-like green leaves with an intense bronze hue on the edges with red markings.
  5. Stalked Aeonium – This plant produces a large rosette on a thick and long stem. Stalked Aeonium also has clusters of small yellow flowers during the summer season.
  6. Emerald Ice – This succulent is distinguished by a gorgeous rosette made up of several color green leaves. Emerald Ice has an attractive variegated geometric pattern with color cream to white edges.
  7. Sunburst Aeonium – This plant produces narrow to broad green leaves with light yellow edges. Sunburst Aeonium’s corner foliage also takes a golden hue of pink as it matures.
  8. Irish Rose – This succulent offers spectacular green glossy leaves overlapped with coppery tones. It is advisable to place this plant under direct sunlight to get darker colors.
  9. Giant Red Aeonium – This plant’s emerging foliage is color green, turning color dark red-bronze as it matures. Giant Red Aeonium is fast-growing and produces star-shaped flowers in clusters.
  10. Red Aeonium – This plant has blooming rosettes with green leaves in the middle and red around the tips. Red Aeonium turns brighter as it matures.
  11. Black Rose Aeonium – This succulent has long gray-brown stems holding large rosettes of glossy dark purple leaves. Black Rose Aeonium looks solid black in the dark. This plant also produces flowers.
  12. Aeonium Decorum – This plant is multi-branching with red-edged leaves and pink flowers.
  13. Kiwi Aeonium – This succulent is compact and has yellow rosettes of spoon-shaped fleshy leaves. Kiwi Aeonium is yellow-green with red edges and a small cluster of star-shaped flowers.
  14. Mardi Gras – This plant features rosettes of yellow and green variegation. Mardi Gras turns to rich burgundy hues under direct bright sunlight.
  15. Moonburst – This attractive succulent has rosettes with green leaves patterned in cream to yellow streaks with pink margins. Moonburst has shorter leaves and more distinct variegation compared to other Aeonium Succulents.
  16. Starburst – This plant showcases variated rosettes in the pink shade on the margins and yellow streaks on the fleshy green leaves. Starburst is a beautiful and vibrant pink plant addition to your home garden.

All in all, we hope that you were be able to appreciate these 16 Aeonium Succulents for your garden. Each plant has its character and beauty. You will surely fall in love with the variety of features it can offer. Through this article, we hope that you were able to learn more about these different succulents and consider them as your new plant baby.

Final Words

We hope that you will still get curious about its varieties despite the sense of responsibility and patience needed with having a house plant. Having house plants or a mini garden elevates one’s place. It adds color to your space and can brighten one’s day. Having green succulents has improved your mood and even cleaned the air around it. We hope that you will be able to consider any Aeonium Succulents as your new plant baby at home.

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