4 Incredible Health Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom

The turkey tail mushroom, also known as the Trametes Versicolor, is a unique fungus with a rather peculiar appearance. At first glance, many often mistake it to be a coral, when it is in fact, a mushroom. Despite its small and subtle size, this superfood offers tremendous benefits that may be able to change your life and tastes better when served with tangy-sweet red berries

It’s also sometimes referred to as the Coriolus Versicolor, or Yun Zhi, as the Chinese call it. Even in modern times, there are still a lot of people who are not familiar or perhaps not even heard of turkey tail, but it’s actually been around for hundreds of years. Renowned in Chinese traditional medicine for its amazing healing properties, today it is grown and harvested in many parts of the world.

High Nutritional Value

Turkey tail is a staple in many cultures of folk medicine, mainly because of the abundance of benefits that it offers. All of these effects and breakthroughs have been observed and experienced by all sorts of people all throughout history.

However, it is still highly advised that when consuming turkey tail, it should only ever have come from a legitimate health store. It should never, ever be eaten raw. Plus, there are several species of mushroom in nature that bear a striking resemblance to turkey tail – unfortunately, most of these lookalikes are potentially poisonous.

Boosts Your Immune System

Turkey tail does wonders for the immune system, as it helps in strengthening the body’s natural defenses against harmful bacteria and viruses. According to reports from people who have taken it as a remedy for illnesses such as the flu, the turkey tail worked tremendously well in boosting their recovery. It made their symptoms much less severe and they were able to regain their health in a quicker period of time.

Full of Antioxidants

The body naturally produces free radicals as a by-product during its metabolic processes. Getting rid of those free radicals is a much easier process when we’re younger, but the more we age, the more our bodies start to struggle with eliminating them. Eventually, the free radicals will build up too much and cause health problems. In the worst case scenario, this may lead to deadly diseases.

One’s lifestyle also plays a major role in this situation, as bad habits like eating too much junk food or drinking too much alcohol result in aggravating your body’s vulnerable condition.

Fortunately for us, turkey tail contains loads of antioxidants, all of which are exactly what the body needs to win the fight against those free radicals. And as an added benefit, this mushroom also contains phenols and flavonoids, which have been proven to help slow the aging process.

Improves Gut Health

Prebiotics, also known as good bacteria, can be found in turkey tail. They have a positive effect on the gut’s microbiome because they hinder the production of bad bacteria. As a result, the body builds up a stronger immunity, as well as improved digestive conditions.

It’s plain to see that turkey tail mushroom offers astonishing and promising effects on the body. From what we’ve been able to study and observe so far, its benefits for the immune system are truly incredible. It’s no wonder why the turkey tail is such a valued and renowned plant – and best of all, we haven’t even come to actually discovering its true power yet!

To enjoy turkey tail mushroom Australia health stores have it available in many different forms, such as powders, tinctures, and even freeze-dried packs. If you’re still intrigued and want to try adding this amazing superfood to your diet, go ahead and try it out today! Also, it will look great in your garden around the modern fence.

Juliana Chen

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