9 Ways to reuse things in your home

3Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. These 3Rs are the most effective strategies to save our environment. Reusing items not only save our money but somehow it saves our environment as well. Keeping the same thing in mind, we are going to find some ways by which we can reuse items and save money and the environment.

This article will focus on the very uncommon things where people don’t care about items and buy new items.

1. Candle Jars can be used as drinking water glasses.

Yes, these candle jars come in very fancy glasses. Generally, people use them, and when candles get over, they throw them. Instead of that, clean the wax and the other residue, then reuse them as water glass.

2. Reusable Make up remover

Most people use plastic-based wipes or makeup remover. But, once after used, they flush it so that plastic doesn’t decompose and stays in the environment. So, to save our environment, we should use reusable makeup remover pads to save money and the earth.

3. Leftover Shoe boxes can be used as storage containers

Nowadays, shoes are coming in lovely boxes, but throw them after we take out our shoes. We can reuse these fancy boxes as storage containers. We can keep our small items in it like colours, pads, stationery items, or a first aid box. We can keep them under our bed as a closet to store other kinds of stuff.

4. Keeping fragile items covered in old clothes or bedsheets

We lose our favourite decorative items in transportation, so keeping them in boxes for later use would be better. These items are generally fragile, and we should always keep them in the softboxes, so reusing our old bedsheets or blanket to cover these fragile items. This strategy will help you to keep your favourite items safe and it doesn’t work with your favorite cuisine if you are from the foody category.

5. Using strips of old sheets or shirts as a headband

The only rule of creativity is no rule, and as the fashion industry is booming day by day, people are coming up with different fashions. More appreciation is for those who are reusing things for their clothing. So, reusing old clothes strips as a headband is one of the most creative ways to do so. It will make you look more attractive and unique.

6. Groceries Jars can be used as a vase

Nowadays, our groceries come in beautiful and fancy glass jars, but after consuming these grocery items, we throw these beautiful jars. But, do you know that after adding little extra creativity, you can use them as a vase. Yes, these jars are the best ways to reuse them as flowering vases. So, next time when you get them, reuse them.

7. Paper bags, Newspaper, Magazines

We read newspapers and magazines only once, then after that, we don’t read them, or we don’t have anything to get from them, so we throw them. But these things can be reused to form some decorative items or can be used for covering the items that are most likely fragile once. Paper bags and old calendars can also be reused for the same work.

8. Plastic Bags

Not anything is harmful as plastic to our environment, but plastic is like a necessary evil. We get many items in these bags, and after the use of them, we generally throw these in the open, but many people don’t know that due to their durability, we can use these plastic bags for other purposes. For example, we can reuse them after cutting as a sandwich wrap or use them for pet waste or bins.

9. Wine cork

Any happy occasion is dull without wine. We toss the cork and enjoy the wine, but we can use this tossed out cork in many ways. We can use them as a key chain to keep track of it. We can collect them and hang them on our door as decorative wall items or door items.

So, next time when you toss the cork, collect them also.

Reusing things have many benefits, not just financially but ecologically as well. It helps us save energy, checks the level of pollution, reduces the carbon footprint, saves our natural resources, and decreases the greenhouse effect. So, next time before you buy new items for your house or office, think about whether you really need them or if you can reuse something for the same purpose

Maya Singh

Maya Singh earned her Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University and has spent 15 years in the field of cleaning and hygiene, with a focus on health and environmental safety. Joining our editorial team in 2021, Maya provides insights into effective and sustainable cleaning practices. Her background includes working in public health campaigns and as a consultant for cleaning product companies. In her leisure time, Maya is an avid birdwatcher and participates in community clean-up drives.

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