Beyond the Screen: Elevate Your Interior with a Practical TV Unit

The television remains a central feature in many homes, serving as both an entertainment hub and a focal point for family gatherings. But the typical TV stand or entertainment unit doesn’t always blend seamlessly with your decor or make the most of the space. With some thoughtful planning and clever solutions, you can create a TV unit that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Choose the Right Size

When you’re in the process of choosing a TV stand, the first aspect to keep in mind is its dimensions. Begin by measuring the size of your television screen, and making sure to allocate ample space around it. A minimum of 2-4 inches of space between the TV screen’s edge and the TV unit is advisable. Additionally, consider any other devices you intend to place on the stand, such as cable boxes, gaming consoles, or speakers that require accommodation. Choose the unit that matches your decor and style, as an excessively large unit can overpower the room, while one that’s too small will look out of proportion.

Where to Place Your TV Unit

To achieve the best possible viewing experience, the next step is to establish the ideal distance between your TV and your sofa. This is a straightforward process! All you need to do is take note of the screen size and then multiply it by 1.2. For instance, if your TV has a screen size of 40 inches, this calculation suggests that you should position your sofa set approximately 1.3 metres, or 48 inches, away from the screen.

Multifunctional Storage

Today’s TV units do far more than just hold a television. Look for one with enclosed storage to tuck away clutter like DVDs, remotes, and cables. Shelving or media storage compartments are ideal for video game consoles, streaming devices, and other AV equipment. Some units even have specialised cooling systems to prevent electronics from overheating. For a clean look, opt for cabinets with hidden or push-to-open doors.

Creative Display

A TV unit doesn’t have to be a basic black box. With creative shelves and displays, it can double as a chic spot to show off decorative items, photos, collectibles, and more. Wall-mounted shelving above the television creates extra display space. You can also choose a unit with open cubbies, niches, or glass cabinet doors, as they are ideal for displaying cherished objet d’art. Creating a gallery wall around the TV is another option for an artful, personalized look.

Stylish Materials

The choices you make regarding the materials and finishes of your TV unit play a significant role in shaping its overall appearance and ambience. Wood tones add warmth, while sleek lacquered finishes give a more modern, streamlined aesthetic. Nature-inspired materials like rattan, bamboo, and seagrass can create an organic, textured look. For a contemporary vibe, try metal accents and hardware paired with glass, marble, or high-gloss surfaces.

Clever Concealment

Find ways to minimise visible cords for a clean, sophisticated look. Certain television stands come equipped with convenient additions such as drawers or integrated wire organisation systems designed to discreetly cover unattractive cables. Pressure-mounted cord covers that attach to the back of the unit can neatly corral dangling wires. For a wireless setup, mount the TV and hide the device cables in a nearby cabinet to keep the area around the screen clutter-free.

Lighting Accents

The right lighting transforms any TV setting into a cinematic experience. Accent lighting directed at the unit from above or sides adds dimension. For ambient glow during movies, install backlighting inside the unit or behind framed artwork around the television. Wall sconces can also illuminate décor while eliminating glare on the screen. Dimmer switches allow you to control lighting effects and ambience.

Wrapping Up

By taking both form and function into account, it’s easy to craft a TV unit that meets your needs while blending seamlessly into your living space. With clever styling tricks, concealed storage, and purposeful placement, you can elevate an ordinary interior into something extraordinary.

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