Does converting a garage to living space add value?

Everyone likes having as much space in their homes as possible, but how you use your space can be critical when it comes time to sell your home. For growing families, renovating a garage may be a wise option in order to maximize livable space relative to the costs of remodeling. At the same time, markets and living circumstances don’t always favor garage conversions in order to maximize living space. If you’re looking to make the most out of your garage space, and determining if rollaway garage doors are right for you, the below information will help you decide whether to convert your garage into extra living space.

Converting a garage into living space adds value

There are many instances where converting a garage into additional living space is a sound option. First, if you don’t use your garage for storing your vehicle and mostly use the garage for extra storage space, then this storage space could be consolidated throughout the home or into additional exterior units. Likewise, in areas where square footage is at a premium, having the extra living space is generally considered more valuable given that it’s often harder to build an addition to the home. In that regard, converting a garage generally is less expensive than adding an addition, with additions costing between 10-60,000 dollars whereas garage conversions, including plumbing and electrical remodeling, cost between $ 5-25,000. Ultimately, if you plan on living in your home for greater than 5 years and need the living space, converting a garage into an extra room can be a sound investment to make the most out of your home.

Converting a garage into living space has costs

There are some instances where converting a garage into living space can actually decrease the value of your home. If many homes in your neighborhood have garages, then eliminating the garage can decrease options for potential buyers. Likewise, if the weather is inclement or your prefer to store your vehicle indoors, then a garage has value based on its intended design. For homebuyers who live active lifestyles or who prefer to have the extra storage space, converting a garage into living space actually decreases the functionality of that space. Ultimately, remodeling a garage is not a simple process as bathtub replacement and, as noted above, will require extensive remodeling to make the space livable. Beyond electrical and plumbing upgrades, depending on how the space is used, remodeling will require improving insulation, adding windows, completing the framing and replacing the rollaway garage door found on many garages, this all sometimes requires more attention therefore it is advised to look out for garage door installers always. If you are looking to move soon, completing the work can be time-intensive and some municipalities may not allow garage renovations over additions. It’s always a good idea to check with your municipality to see whether you are legally allowed to convert your garage in the first place.

Making the right decision for your garage

Garage conversion Essex can help you determine what’s best for your home based on your lifestyle goals and space requirements. Converting a garage isn’t easy, but turning a garage into an extra living space with a couch can bring extra value to you and your home.

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