How to light a Modern Bedroom

Designing a bedroom starts with the bed itself, then the décor, and then the lighting. It’s all too easy to forget how important lighting a bedroom is. This is a room where you will, of course, spend much of the time in the dark, but it’s also one that needs to be lit correctly. A combination of natural light and artificial is a good balance, and there is now more choice than ever in terms of types and styles of lighting.

You can get some inspiration by visiting where you will find a great selection of modern lighting solutions at sensible prices. So, where do you start when you’re looking at lighting your bedroom? Let’s begin with a look at the traditional method of lighting any room – the overhead light.

Overhead Lighting

Every home is likely to use the overhead lighting in the bedroom and elsewhere. It’s convenient and effective as the wiring is hidden away. Overhead lights cast a wide range of light and are simple. Yet, they are also somewhat old-fashioned! We suggest that while you have an overhead light – more than likely central in the room – you complement it with some more modern lighting solutions. Let’s look at standing lamps, which are very popular right now.

Standing Lamps

Floor standing lamps are all the rage right now, and there are some very stylish examples on the market. We like those that are finished in a sort of ‘industrial’ style with metal fittings. They look great and can come with adjustable heads, so they can be angled to give you light where you want it.

There are other more traditional styles too, but if you’re looking for a modern finish to your bedroom, then we strongly recommend you go down the metal frame look. There are a lot of choices out there, so you’ll need to set aside some time to start looking. Next, we want to talk about LED and why it is the way to go.

LED Lighting

The modern bedroom needs LED lighting and not just because it looks great. LED is by far the most energy-efficient method of lighting a room. This is large because while traditional light bulbs waste energy in the form of heat, LED does not produce any. So, what you’re getting is pure light at a lower cost. The initial cost may be greater than other forms of lighting, but you will get that back in savings over time.

Furthermore, LED can be bought in different brightness and ‘color,’ which gives you greater flexibility in the way you want to light your room. You can have a soft light that gives a lovely cool look or brighter for a sharper feel. There’s lots of choice and variety when it comes to LED lighting. You can buy bulbs, yet most people buy LEDs in flexible strips that they drape around windows or mirrors, which brings us to the next section.

Mirror Dressing

Current interior design trends show that dressing a mirror with lights is certainly a thing! A strip of LEDs around a mirror looks great, or you may want to go the other way and recreate the showbiz dressing room look, which is also impressive. Either way, you should check out interior design blogs and other media for the idea in this field.

We suggest that LED strip lighting is the best method of achieving a lit mirror look as the lack of heat makes it more comfortable, so have a look now and see what ideas you can come up with.


While lighting is traditionally from above pointing down, there is a trend for up-lighters, which sit at the foot of the wall and cast light upwards. This can create an original and impressive effect that adds a great deal to the room. Uplights are available in many forms and are popular with modern bedroom designs as well as other rooms in the house.


We’ve given you several ideas about lighting a modern bedroom, and we hope that you take away some inspiration from this article. Enjoy researching the various avenues of lighting and start designing your bedroom with light and space in mind.

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