How to setup the perfect zoom friendly home office

We all know that many of us are working from home nowadays. Working from home have become the new normal. And in the coming year more and more people are going to work from home without having a single doubt.

Recently I have designed my home office which looks amazing and not just that. As every remote worker need to attend 100s of video conferencing every single day so I designed my home office keeping in mind that it should look amazing on video calls.

After hours of research and analysis here are some of the most important tools, equipment and furniture that can make your home office look really professional and polished which will eventually make your work from home experience really amazing. Make sure that the dimensions of your coffee table are exact.

Work table / Desk

Get yourself a work table made of wood. A good quality desk will not only help you to stay focused but also it will help you to stay organised while working. While looking for a good desk go for the desk with 60-inch x 30-inch size dimension. Because this size will definitely give enough space for working and it will be spacious enough for your as well to keep your essentials in place.

Good quality monitors

A good quality monitor is really important for the complete setup. Without a good monitor you cannot work smoothly and managing your task can be big challenge for you. A good quality monitor will also help you to get the most out of your video call sessions. So, while looking for a great monitor look for a high refresh rate monitor like 120Hz at least. That will help you to get the smoothest experience ever.

Ergonomic Computer chair

This is one of the most important part of any home office trust me. A good ergonomic computer chair will help you to sit for longer hour while working or while on Zoom video conferencing. So, while looking for an ergonomic computer chair look for the chair which comes with adjustable armrest, adjustable backrest and which has synchro tilt locking mechanism so that you can lock the tilt angle of your backrest at any angle you want. Having a good computer chair will help you to maintain you body posture while working.

A good quality camera

As you are going to work from home then a good quality camera is super important for any video call session. So, there are plenty of options out there in the market. Even if you want you can go with the cheapest option which is a Logitech webcam which will definitely do the job without having any problem. But will suggest you to get a DSLR camera and mount it behind your monitor so that you can use that for your video calls. And trust me the quality of that video call will be far better than any webcam.

Good quality headphones

A good quality headphone is really important for the whole setup. It will definitely help you to get the most amazing sound quality while video conferencing. Not just that a good headphone comes with noise cancellation as well. So, if have kids in your house then such headphones will easily cancel all the unnecessary noise except your voice.

Setup a beautiful backdrop

So, the background of your video calls should also look amazing without any doubt. So, for that purpose will suggest you to get a beautiful wall art or big size art frame which you can mount on the wall. Along with that try to put some really minimalistic storage cabinet. It will make your background look really beautiful and processional with purple curtains.

Good quality mattress

Assuming that you work directly from your room. Where you sleep as well as work. Then you can get a good quality mattress that goes along with your home office aesthetics. You can easily get some amazing quality mattress online. And moreover, a good quality mattress is really important for your back as well. It will keep you aligned all night in a straight body posture without any issue.

Keep your environment simple

Try to keep your environment simple and clean. Simple home decors are the one which looks really beautiful. So, a home office should also look really simple and minimal. That minimal characteristic will increase the aesthetic of your interior design. Try to reduce clutter as much as you can. Also, one more thing you can do is put some green plants in the corner of your room. That will give a sense of peace and calm.

Lighting condition

Lighting condition of your home office matters a lot both for your work purpose and also for your regular video conferencing as well. Interior lighting is one of the most important aspects of any living space; it has the ability to change the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room. It is only when these elements come together that a room benefits from harmony and effortless fluidity of design. And to make your video conferencing look really beautiful I will suggest you to buy some light diffuser so that the light can land on your evenly which will make you look really good in your video conference and along with that it will also improve the quality of your video. You can easily get such light diffuser online without any issue.


This are some of the most amazing tips that you can follow to make your own zoom friendly home office setup. You will be able to create your own home office that looks really professional and beautiful. A good workspace makes our mood fresh and helps us to work more efficiently without any problem.

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee, a graduate of Interior Design from the University of Washington, has been shaping indoor spaces with his innovative designs for over a decade. He joined various teams in 2017, sharing his expertise in creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing living environments. His architecture and design psychology background provides a unique lens to his approach. He also advocates for sustainable design, incorporating eco-friendly practices into his work. He indulges in pottery and gardening when not writing or designing, finding inspiration in nature’s forms and textures. He also enjoys teaching design.

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