How to Stop Rats Climbing Drain Pipes

People are often asking questions – a rat was recently discovered in the drain pipes, how to get rid of the invasion of these rodents? The intelligence of rats is higher than that of many animals (the cats, for example, are less smart).

Rats are very energetic, and when driven into a hopeless position, they become aggressive and fearless. Everyone knows that rodents are the main carriers of parasites and various infectious diseases.

Where do they come from

One of the most favorite places for them is blocked drains in London. Because this is a safe, warm, and quite large burrow network in whole Great Britain. Where there is something to eat and they can go anywhere. Usually, rats live and breed in basements, and they enter the drainage system through holes in leaky pipes.

They are able to gnaw through their passages in plastic channels, and even rusted cast-iron parts will not become an insurmountable obstacle for them. Rats in sewer pipes feel safe. They can navigate well in the dark. The paws of the animals are equipped with sharp claws, and they can climb up to the 5th floor and even higher.

What makes rats appear in apartments

The sewer rat is not a separate species of rodent. These are common animals that live in the basements of apartment buildings and are the cause of blocked drains. If they have enough food and space to live, appearing in apartments is rare. Still, climbing up a riser is not very pleasant, even for rats.

However, if the population of animals increases sharply, they begin to lack space and food. Rodents become aggressive, irritable, strive to leave their habitable places and find new territories for themselves. They gnaw through the sewers and find convenient and safe routes for themselves to neighboring houses, residential apartments, and other premises.

If rats are poisoned in the basement, you need to carefully monitor the drainage system and repeat the procedure in the neighboring buildings in the near future.

What to do

More often the sudden rats’ appearance in blocked drains in London or elsewhere in GB is a consequence of ridiculous humanity. It is useless to scare away animals because they have already settled down in the basement.

It must be remembered that rodents are capable of spreading the infection over great distances. They can scare people by suddenly jumping out of toilets might ruin your bathtub. Replace bathtub. This often leads to hypertensive crises or heart attacks in the elderly and causes tantrums in children.

Therefore, there is only one reliable method of control – the use of poison. Bait soaked in rat poison is scattered around the basement. This method produces the most convincing results. You can use cats or dogs. In order for an animal to begin to hunt rodents, it must be raised in the appropriate conditions, and this takes time.

There should be no doubt about it. To the question – we have rats in the sewer pipes, what should we do? – Only one correct answer is possible – to kill. This does not mean that you have to climb into the basement yourself. You call the trusted specialists, for example, the plumber in Essex is the right choice for you in the war against rats. You must immediately contact the management company so that they organize a rat-baiting procedure before you lose your favorite red couch.

Ellie Murphy

Ellie Murphy earned her Master’s in Entomology from Purdue University and has spent 17 years in the field of pest control, focusing on integrated pest management and public health. She became a part of our team as a freelancer in 2021, offering her expertise in safe and effective pest control techniques. Ellie’s background includes conducting research in pest biology and developing community education programs. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and is an active member of a local hiking club.

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