Free boiler grants scheme

What is the free boiler scheme?

The government has introduced an ECO scheme to help qualifying homeowners to get a new energy efficient boiler, thermostats, and immersion heaters to reduce carbon footprints in the UK and help to work against global warming. Older and less effective boilers are contributing to how much energy is being lost because they are less energy efficient and generally take much longer to heat your home.

This leads to bills being higher than they would be if households had a more energy efficient “greener” boiler. The government’s free boiler grants scheme provides grants for new boiler installations that are much more eco friendly. It does not matter if you have applied for a boiler privately in the past and not been able to get credit.

How do you qualify for a free boiler grant?

To qualify for a free boiler grant you must be a homeowner with a boiler that is over seven years old. Boilers that are not as old as this are excluded from the scheme as it would usually be more cost-effective to repair them rather than fully replace with a new one. Additionally, you must be in receipt of an income-related benefit provided by the government. Some examples of qualifying benefit types include:

· Child tax credit

· Income related employment support allowance

· Income based job seekers allowance

· Income support

· Working tax credit

· Universal credit and more

Is your boiler costing you more than it should?

The free boiler scheme was introduced in order to provide qualifying individuals with efficient and affordable heating. Research has shown that boiler models that are more than seven years old can operate at levels as low as 65% of their full efficiency. This means that because of your boiler not working as effectively as it should be, as much as 35p of every pound you are spending on heating costs could be being wasted.

By comparison, your new A-rated boiler would be predicted to run at no less than 90% efficiency, which means a loss of 10p per pound or less. When you add all that up you could save around £300 a year, simply by having your boiler replaced through the scheme.

What type of boiler can you have fitted?

Through the ECO scheme, you could have a completely new energy efficient combi or system boiler fitted. At Free Boiler Grants Scheme, we offer a wide range of boilers including Baxi, Worcester Bosch, Vokera, and Ideal.

Do you have to pay back the grant?

Boiler grants are free and do not have to be paid back at any time, with no other hidden terms and conditions that you need to worry about. The scheme only aims to help low-income homeowners to improve their energy efficiency with high-quality boilers that they might not have been able to afford before.

Any grants given are non-repayable. Those who are eligible for a grant will receive either a free or subsidised boiler replacement. In some cases, a small contribution might be needed towards the cost of the new boiler, but this will be made clear from the start of the process, after a free assessment of your home.

What do we do?

One of the key benefits of working directly with us is that we will take care of the entire process for you, and you don’t have to mess around with third parties. We will:

Do the survey

· Our heating specialist will visit your home when it is convenient for you

· We will guide you through the process, ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed for you

· An installation date will be set

Complete the installation

· We will organise for collection and disposal of your old boiler as well as installing your new one, leaving no mess behind

Provide aftercare

· We make sure a safety inspection is completed after installation

· Heating specialists are fully accredited and qualified, so you have peace of mind

To find out if you are eligible for a free boiler grant, simply enter your postcode on our website and follow the quick and easy steps.

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