Launched in late February 2021 on Kickstarter, environmentally conscious furniture start-up staxxiom™ finally answered the common lament, “Why can’t I find easy-to-assemble, affordable, high-quality furniture?” with its innovative line of “no tools, no hassle” accessorizing furniture products.


Founded in 2017, staxxiom™ features the interior, furniture, architectural, and engineering design expertise of husband-and-wife team Richard Langone and Leilei Peng and fuses it with a global aesthetic to create a distinct line of home furnishings inspired by North American and Asian natural beauty.

In 2017, Langone and Peng introduced their first line of “no tools, no hassle” furniture in Asia under the brand name Staxx. Targeting direct-to-business clients in the travel, commercial, and food service industries, the first generation of Staxx products uses imported Baltic birch plywood boards and a computer numerical control (CNC) precision cutting machine. With these items, the couple pioneered their revolutionary friction/tension-only assembly process.

Encouraged by client demand and feedback, Langone and Peng set out to expand and share their easy-to-assemble, ultra high-quality furniture designs with as many people as possible. Since Langone was born in New York, the North American market was a natural. Unfortunately, the name Staxx was not legally available in North America, so they launched under the brand name staxxiom™.

While the flat-pack furniture industry is already robust in North America with big retailers like IKEA and JYSK, along with many smaller niche manufacturers, there is a definite lack of affordably priced, high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly products. Not to mention—are you looking for flat-pack options that are easy to assemble and don’t require a complete tool kit or a TaskRabbit helper? Good luck with that.


Our design philosophy is about minimalism and the idea that simpler is better. staxxiom™ believes true luxury is about living a comfortable life, and our products reflect that. Our pieces have won the coveted Good Design Award for innovation in furniture design and are featured in the permanent collection of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum.


staxxiom™ uses digitally designed and precision-cut high-density fiberboard (HDF) and a novel proprietary click-to-assemble component. Combining CNC manufacturing with high-grade HDF allows us to produce large quantities of staxxiom™ with all these advantages:

  • Affordable, functional, and stylish
  • Easy to ship with swift delivery via flat pack
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • Fast and simple to assemble—no tools required
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stylish and designed for any size space from coffee table to corner lamps.

From stools to bookcases, media cabinets to benches, chairs to coffee tables, every product in the staxxiom™ collection can be assembled in less than two minutes.

Every staxxiom piece is designed to last 20-plus years, stay functionally relevant across multiple life-stage uses, and support weights that would flatten other brands. The smallest item in the collection, the Kailua stool, can support up to 500 pounds.


Environmental integrity and social responsibility drive every step of the staxxiom™ decision-making process, from concepting to designing to manufacturing and shipping.

Staxxiom’s goal is to help reduce the furniture industry’s environmental footprint by reversing the trend of producing low-quality, single-use, cheap, and disposable furniture. According to the EPA, close to 10,000 tons of furniture go to landfills every year in the United States alone.

Our products are affordably priced and built to last at least twice as long as particle-board furniture. They’re designed to be multifunctional and appropriate for just about any personal space, no matter your lifestyle or life stage.

And staxxiom™ materials sourcing follows some of the strictest environmental standards in the industry:

  • FSC-certified wood supply: For staxxiom™ to use the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo and affirm that its materials are “certified sustainable,” the company must allow full transparency from sourcing through manufacturing and prove that the trees used to create the materials are replenished at a rate equal to the pace of harvest.
  • E1 adhesive rating: An E1 rating means that the detectable amount of formaldehyde off-gassing in the creation of staxxiom™ high-density fiberboard (HDF) is 0.9mg/L. For perspective, this is the same amount allowable for drinking water or edibility.
  • Non-toxic finishes: The paint and finishes used on staxxiom™ furniture are certified to meet interior product standards in both the United States and the European Union, including certification for European Directive 2009/48/EC, one of the toughest standards ensuring that no harmful substances are used.
  • Ethical materials: staxxiom™ HDF is sustainably sourced, and its proprietary click-to-assemble component is made of 3D-printed nylon and glass fiber.
  • Efficient production: The technologically advanced staxxiom™ CNC process results in 20% less material waste than standard furniture manufacturing.

After receiving their new staxxiom™ furniture straight to their door, our customers can build them and beautify their home in minutes. The result is a unique user experience and an emotional connection that no other furniture could evoke.

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