Should You Put TV Over Fireplace?

A lightweight flatscreen television has been in talks for years now. It is an element to add to your living room as a centerpiece. It not only requires less space but also offers stunning indoor decor. Many interior designers suggest people place their television over the empty wall above the fireplace or mantel.

Adding your television screen over the fire mantel will help you make space in your room. It will also be functional, but one thing that comes with this is the negative aspects of putting a television over the fireplace.

If you ask us, we would suggest it is one of the bad decisions you will make, and to understand why it is so, let us dig in deep.

Why You Should Not Put Television Above the Fireplace?

Why You Should Not Put Television Above the Fireplace?

First, placing your television above the fireplace is a bad idea, and you shouldn’t do that. Rather, you can look for a corner TV stand design ideas as it will benefit you in many ways.

We are suggesting you not keep your TV above the fire mantel for several reasons, and some of them are listed below.

1. Wrong Viewing Angle

Wrong Viewing Angle

The very first reason that comes as a concern when we talk about placing television over the fireplace is obviously the viewing angle. As we all know, the region below the wall is usually taken by the fireplace. Hence, while placing the television over the fireplace, you must be cautious about leaving a good amount of space between.

If you do so, then it is obviously going to place your television in a very high-visibility area. You might have to keep your heads stretched upwards or even tilted above to watch it comfortably, but trust us; it will still not be comfortable. Not only short people but also anyone can feel uneasy and have neck pains after some time while watching television.

2. Off-Axis View for Television

Off-Axis View for Television

Most of the televisions available in the market these days are LCD. No matter what brand they are from, at the end of the day, they are LCDs. One thing that comes as a concern with LCDs is that, when they are not viewed from the right angle, they can offer poor-quality image and video resolution.

This does not mean that you will not be able to watch television in any case, but this means that fixations or building a little table underneath will help, but it will still be a little bad to the eye. It can hurt your eyes and can give you headaches as well. Hence, you must keep a check before placing your LCD too high.

3. Soot and Heat Damage for Television

Soot and Heat Damage for Television

We all have been using electronics for a long time now. For instance, let’s take cell phones; don’t they get damaged when exposed to extra heat? Yes, they do; how can we forget about televisions? Excessive heat can damage your television badly; it might not last you even during the warranty period if they are exposed to great heat.

Apart from the heat, the next thing caused by the fireplace is soot. Soot is equally bad for your television. It can reduce the lifetime of your television and affect image and sound quality in the short run. However, if you don’t use your fireplace and it is just a statement in your house, then you can surely go for it.

Where Should One Mount the Television?

Where Should One Mount the Television?

Honestly, we understand your concerns; it can be frustrating sometimes to find the right place for your television and fireplace in a room. In fact, people with smaller living rooms might be more stuck than ever, but nothing can be solved. You can get something like an adjusting wall mounting for your television.

So that it maintains the distance between both the fireplace and television and gives visibility whenever adjusted properly; doing this will ensure that the damage caused to the television and your body is reduced a little. Just make sure to check all the options available in your room for the placement of your TV before making any decision,


Lastly, while concluding, we would like to tell you that no matter how much your interior designer pushes you to place your television over the fireplace, you should say no. It not only is a bad idea for your long-term use but also comes with plenty of health benefits. Hence, we would advise you to plan accordingly and choose different locations for both.

Even if you still feel like you want to get it done because it looks modern and stylish. The best way to avoid health problems is by owning an adjustable wall TV mount.

Doing this will ensure that you can adjust the placement of your television as per your need, and it will offer the right amount of visibility to your eyes.

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