Top 8 Eye-Catching Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Who doesn’t love classic farms? Everybody is dreaming of owning a magnificent contemporary farmhouse in today’s society. But having a modern farmhouse is not your job, actually; after that, the actual effort begins.

You should be well aware of the trend of modern designs for farmhouses outside their farms. So, if you’re someone seeking a great, modern farmhouse exterior, continue reading the entire blog to learn about the trend.

People in the world nowadays work hard to make money for a luxurious existence that includes a modern fence and a solarium.

Who does not want to sunbathe in a modern farmhouse’s most attractive courtyard? For those who own a modern farmhouse, this is a valuable time. But to do all this, stylish ideas for contemporary farmhouses have to be considered to make them super luxurious.

What is Modern Farm House?

Modern farmhouse exterior residences combine current designs and comfortable aesthetics like purple curtains to produce unique and magnificent works of art.

The modern farmhouse is well recognised for its warmth, simplicity, natural textures, comfort, coziness, and full of attractive characteristics. Their very versatile styles may easily be blended with other types make them so popular. Farmhouse exterior is less rustic and maybe more attractive by adding contemporary accents to a neutral colour. The most excellent part about these houses is that they appear traditional with such ease without making the place look pretty.

If you’re a person who would want to refit their homes or intend to create a new home, check at the most amazing modern designs for farmhouses that will allow you to facilitate your work and make your selection.

Modern Pitches On The Roof

How about modern steep roof slopes? Oh, actually. Just look at the main characteristics of this farmhouse. Dark windows contrast the soft-coloured stone so dramatically.

See also those glass doors across the front of the farmhouse modern design. It only makes this place more beautiful. This home also steals the modern garage design. The outside of this farmhouse is all characterised by these essential and minor elements.

Warm Neutral Farmhouse

This building features some beautiful outside farmhouse flair. This house’s most attractive characteristics are board and bat sides with rich, black bricks that perfectly combine the vibration of contemporary and traditional life.

Other attractive characteristics of this magnificent modern farmhouse exterior apart from the board and batten siding are low pitch roofs with flat plywood and intricacies of the gable bracket. And don’t overlook the bright crimson entrance door that is certainly an attractive element.

Modern Farmhouse Garage Exterior

The modern farmhouse exterior doesn’t seem extraordinary? Well, with the garage, the farmhouse is refined.

Don’t forget the brown doors that match the white house to look correctly. All complement each other so perfectly. This house is undoubtedly a symbol of the beautiful modern farmhouse exterior design.

Farmhouse With Simple Design

This particular house looks like other houses only. But if you notice correctly, this house is made entirely with remedied materials. Certain materials include structures for the wooden roof, doors inside, and wood inside. All these materials are combined into a masterpiece in a modern farmhouse exterior. The Architect combines.

Outside Farmhouse With Vertical Bold Entrance

Do you love stripes or vertical and horizontal lines? Well, if yes, this modern farmhouse exterior will take you in love. You can get inspired by this house if you want to stand out before your neighbourhood.

This farmhouse employs two different materials and colours to make it look like one of the best modern ideas for the exterior of a farmhouse. In addition, this magnificent, jaw-dropping farmhouse also has its combination of board and battle side, brickwork and stone.

Classic Outdoor Farmhouse

This modern farmhouse exterior may now be referred to as an essential farmhouse. See this lovely white home. Is it not stunning? This home has a strong base with a large porch. In classical board and batten-siding style, the outside walls are created.

The sleek line of the wall and metal roof is contemporary. Furthermore, oversized pavers are placed to the landscaping, allowing owners and guests to enter the area.

Black Farmhouse

You will surely fall in love with this contemporary farmhouse design if you’re someone in love with the black hue. In Franklin, the all-black farmhouse is the monochrome pallet that complements the colourful background.

Black appears from outside really beautiful. Some characteristics of this house make it an inspirational outside design for this farmhouse. Vertical lines on the external borders complement each piece.

Farmhouse With Urban Country Style

Just look at the house’s splendour. This is just amazing. In the beginning, it was a lovely barn house, but later after a makeover, it became a feminine fantasy farmhouse.

This home has numerous unique, eye-catching elements, including wooden sidewalls, extraordinary window formats, and a fence hedge. All this offers an extra outstanding appearance on this modern farmhouse.


These are the most modern farmhouse exterior ideas. You may depend on these designs if you’re someone seeking a new house or want to restore their old property. There are characteristics and specialities of each farm home.

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