Healthy Eating

Help children understand the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

Explore this topic to find out:

Developed with the requirements of the national curriculum in mind, children will explore and investigate:

  • That human beings need food and drink to stay alive and grow healthily.
  • That some foods are more nutritious than others.
  • That our bodies need balanced and varied diets.
  • That understanding food labelling can help us choose and prepare healthier options.

Resources include:

Topic map

  • A visual guide full of ideas for reference to support cross-curricular topic planning.
  • Organised by ages 5-7 and 7-11.

Curriculum areas

  • Detailed activity and lesson plans aligned to individual curriculum areas.
  • Each curriculum focus includes links to download the relevant resources.


  • Downloadable planning tools for you to use.


  • Designed to be played in the classroom, these videos can be used to enhance learning for this chosen topic.

For more information, download our trail overview.

Please note, trails are bookable through your local store.


Take part in a Healthy Eating experience

Healthy Eating Trail

Support your topic with a Healthy Eating store trail. Children will gain lots of practical knowledge, such as how to avoid added sugars and how to make their own muesli.

Store Trail

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