When to consider new water heater installation Columbus, Ohio?

When the water heating is functioning properly, you would not even think about repair or maintenance services. You may be using it for all purposes like washing dishes, enjoying a hot bath, and more. You may even take the water heater in your house for granted till it stops functioning. A smart option you should always remember is being prepared before the issue happens. This way you can avoid damage or collapse when the water heater fails.

Most owners ask how long the water heater lasts or when one should think about water heater installation Columbus, Ohio. If you have the same doubts, you have clicked the right blog. When you are using it regularly, the water heater lasts for around ten years. In most cases, the electric water heater lasts more than expected or anticipated than the natural gas heater. However, no one could predict the exact life of the water heater. It will last for more than ten years when you do simple maintenance and repair services at the most needed times. The maintenance and the way you use it will explain the life of your water heater.

Things to consider when the water heater is in the final stage!

If the water heater has failed, you should call an expert for a complete evaluation. When you fail to take immediate action, it can cause major damage to the house. The best part of a water heater is it will show certain signs of damage before it stops functioning. When you notice and track the signs, you would know the exact issue. If the contractor analyzes and recommends a new water heater installation Columbus, Ohio, you have to take immediate action. You can prevent major catastrophe or breakdown by scheduling repair or tuneup services at a quick time.

Some of the signs where you should consider gas or electric water heater replacement are as follows:


Knocking, banging, or loud rumbling noises. These are signs that your water heater may show when it is time for replacement or repair. Remember, small or ticking noises are normal. But when you are hearing something loud and new, you have to act immediately.

Rusty water:

When there is rusty water arriving from the faucets, it can be an issue with your heater tank. When the rust continues arriving as you turn on the cold water, then it remarks the formation of rust in the pipes.


When the water heater gets very old or has reached ripe old age, you have to keep a close watch. Are you wondering what the age of your heater is? Check the big sticker present on the unit or rating plate.

The right time for water heater replacement

If you have installed the heater a decade ago, you have to plan for replacing it. This way, you can eliminate the major repair expenses. You may think that you are spending a lump sum for a new heater installation but it is the one-time cost you would be spending. You would not spend extra repairs or services for the next five years.

If the utility bills crank the nozzle deeper to distribute hot water or the utility bills are increasing, you have to look for a new one. If you have not attempted any services or tune-ups for your heater and it is not functioning properly, you have to stop spending money for expenses. Invest in a quality water heater and remain stress-free.

When do you have to do water heater repair?

Is your water heater young? Here are a few things you have to do before calling a heater repair technician.

If you have natural gas water heaters, evaluate to ensure the thermostat is at the right temperature. When it is not heating properly, you have to approach a professional. See whether the pilot light is functioning appropriately. Clean the tank so that the sediment gets cleared. It is the best troubleshooting step. Some of the common fixes you can do for your natural gas water heaters are replacing the thermocouple and cleaning the burner. These jobs have to be performed by an experienced water heater repair technician. Call the experts – Ohio Water Heaters at 614-881-5794 for the best water heater services.

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