5 Stages in Writing Academic Essays

What can you do to submit the correct essay reports to your tutors? Today, we will look at five stages in managing academic work. Read through this article to boost your writing skills. With such tips, you can develop a world-class academic or professional report. Let’s find out more!

How to manage an academic or professional paperwork

  • Topic generation

The topic is the guide in your writing. How do you want the audience to view your work? Are you writing an academic report or a website article? Regardless of the aim of your paper, you should always select a fascinating topic. The theme should attract the readers and urge them to read further.

A simple topic is worthy. But now, it should be precise but informative. Research through an online essay writer sample to learn how to develop an intriguing issue. It is better if you can select a topic on current affairs. Many people will find interest in reading your article because it simply focuses on what is affecting them at the moment.

Your writing should also answer the topic you’ve selected. Ensure that you collect relevant backup data to support your work. Don’t forget to back this up using citations.

  • Research

With the topic now, you can begin research work. Be quick to do both intensive and extensive research. This allows you to have a broader perspective of your topic. The study should answer the theme of your work. It would help if you never forgot to note down the simple points collected as you research. Don’t also forget to cite the sources in your writing.

You should first develop a planner as you prepare to manage the essay task. The essence of doing so is to secure enough time for researching. Indeed, gathering backup data can be hectic and time-consuming. You can organize enough time for managing your task before the deadline with a planner.

Researching also is crucial for your mental development. Through research, you can encounter various resources relevant to your education or career at large. Be selective on the available database that you meet online. Authentic sources will include JSTOR, PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, and ScienceDirect. The best thing is that you can cite collect your citations from such sources.

  • Outlining


After gathering all the resources, you will outline your paper. Draft the structure to include in the piece. An essay will consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion section. Don’t do it while playing jenga or watching some sitcom like friends.

The introduction presents the theme of your writing. It is the opening paragraph to your entire piece. Always remember to indicate the thesis statement in the introduction.

The body paragraph comprises all the approaches used in writing. Each point should appear in a different section. You will connect consecutive paragraphs with transitional words to facilitate a smooth flow in writing.

The conclusion is the summary of the entire document. Select one central point to support the work. This should be among the list of approaches presented in the body paragraphs. Never introduce a new idea in the conclusion section.

As you finish structuring each section in your writing, you can mark them with points you’ve researched.

  • Final drafting

The writing process is always the longest, depending on your essay reports’ length. With a planner, you can schedule when to begin your writing. Be keen to work that out by checking the due dates for your tasks. This will enable you to plan backward. As you do so, don’t also forget to include resting time. This is crucial to remove any boredom as you write your papers.

You should always write down a draft before commencing the final report. The draft outline will guide you in presenting the entire piece. It helps to save time and allows you enough time to manage every other section.

Make fair use of Microsoft office word when typing your work. This allows you to edit various sections as you proceed with your reports. Besides, you can determine the number of words in our paper as you adhere to the word count.

  • Proofreading and editing

Finally, you’ll proceed to edit your paperwork and that you can do even while relaxing on your couch under a blanket. Using Microsoft Word, you can edit common mistakes such as spelling in your work. Nonetheless, you need a more advanced platform for editing every error in your writing.

Grammarly is one platform where you can secure such services. It helps to identify grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in an article. Besides, it marks every sentence that seems irrelevant or needs correction. The tool is free, and you can quickly edit any amount of data.


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