At different intervals during the lifespan of your home, you may have to replace or repair certain home components due to damage or inefficiency. As a homeowner, knowing what to replace is key in improving your home’s energy efficiency and ensuring that it maintains its appeal and worth.

Say you live in Fresno, California, and you have a window that seems like one in need of a replacement; how do you validate your suspicion? What are those signs to look out for before finally calling in a professional to do the needful?

Read on to find out.

1. Hard to operate

Here is a telltale sign. If opening your window is as difficult as lifting a 50 pounds barbell, then you may have to replace it or find ways to block the light from the window. If it makes a certain screeching noise when being opened, you may want to look into the source of the noise to ensure that it isn’t damaged.

A window ought to be easy to operate. That is, easy to open and easy to close. If yours is otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact the necessary professionals.

2. Outdoor noise

Do you still hear the loud bark of your neighbor’s exuberant dog? What about the engine of your neighbor’s lawn mower?

If unwanted noises still find their way into your home in Fresno, it is a sign that you need a window installation Fresno to fix this troubling issue. A good window should keep out the elements, including unwanted noises like barking dogs, flying planes, traffic, etc. You don’t want anything disturbing you when you are taking a nap or studying.

3.Damaged windows

Study your windows carefully from the bedroom to the kitchen windows. Do you notice any damage? If yes, then you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you what to do. Regardless of what caused the damage, be it a baseball plunging a hole in its glass or a faulty frame, you must replace damaged windows ASAP for your safety and that of your loved ones.

Mind you, windows sometimes experience water damage, mold, condensation, cracks, or chips. So while looking out for signs of damages, ensure you have those in mind.

4.Outdated windows

Windows complement the aesthetics of your house. It is why you find several homeowners splurging huge amounts of money on appealing window designs.

Considering the important role windows play in the beauty of your home, don’t you think it makes sense to change those old windows of yours as they might be giving your home an “old” vibe? Changing your traditional sash windows to something new should raise the appeal of your home and add some dollars to its value.

5.Broken Glass

Broken glass is an obvious sign of window damage and commonly requires window replacement. Regardless of how small the opening is, it is important you consider a replacement for the sake of your energy bills and your safety as well.

Furthermore, broken glass provides troublesome insects the perfect opportunity to lay siege to your home. I bet you wouldn’t want that. So do the needful when you notice this damage.


Your windows play an important role in your home. Therefore, it is important to ensure that it operates optimally as your home’s safety and energy efficiency depend on how functional this component is.

Luke Hernandez

With a Bachelor’s in Architecture from UCLA, Luke Hernandez has been transforming spaces and providing home improvement advice for over 17 years. He also ran his remodeling firm and contributed to various home improvement magazines. He became a part of various websites in 2016, offering practical, hands-on advice for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners. He is passionate about sustainable building practices and is a weekend rock climber. His previous experience includes managing large-scale construction projects. He also enjoys woodworking and volunteering in community rebuilding projects.

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