Benefits of Using Brochure Templates as Takeout Menus

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. But the thought of a pizza box, a big bucket of fried chicken, or a bundle of Chinese food being delivered right in front of your doorstep can also be very inviting. Takeouts have become a part of our fast-paced world. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our day-to-day interactions, fast food chains and restaurants are focusing their marketing strategy on food delivery. And what better way to market food than to give people takeout menus?

And though a flyer is a good takeout menu starter, brochures are even better.It’s very easy to make your brochures online so you should definitely be looking into this option. A brochure can be a single or multi-page folded paper that provides information about a company’s product or service. It is commonly used to advertise multiple products. That’s why using it as a menu is a great idea.

If you are interested in brochures but are not familiar with them, you can look for brochure templates online. Websites like Venngage offer a wide variety of free brochure templates ranging from the simplest to the most complex layouts. Whether it’s a trifold or a bifold brochure template, Venngage has it all.

If you’re still not convinced about using brochure templates as your takeout menus, allow us to change your mind. Here is a list of the advantages of using a brochure template.

1. Cost-Effective

Just like flyers, a brochure is a traditional way to advertise your product. Considering your resources, you can design and produce your handbills without spending too much money. If you don’t own a printer, purchasing brochures in bulk will give you lower rates.

Also, you have to take advantage of websites that offer free brochure templates. This will save you from hiring professional graphic designers. If you own a small restaurant, hiring graphic designers will take too much from your budget.

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2. Provides Tons of Information

Because of its design, a brochure can hold a lot more information than any other distributed marketing collateral. It can provide information about your food services, display a wide range menu for your customers, and also give a snapshot of your delicious meals. All that in just one creatively designed paper.  Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated

A great brochure can give customers a concrete idea about your business and the products that you offer.

3. Creatively Presents Your Food

Another advantage of using brochure templates is that you can play with their design. One way to grab a customer’s attention is to lure his/her eyes and use templates or coffee tables that can completely hold a person’s attention.

Takeout menus are made to entice people with food. With brochure templates, you can display tempting images of your featured dishes, make people drool, and have them call your number for orders in no time.

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4. Incorporates Your Digital Marketing

Editable brochure templates also let you add sections for your marketing gimmicks. With today’s technology, people are inclined to use digital marketing as their main strategy. But a good marketer always thinks outside the box. Combining traditional and digital marketing strategies creates great opportunities for you and your customers.

Furthermore, you can create QR codes or computer-generated gift certificates and add them to your brochure. Placing promotional quick response (QR) codes or computer-generated gift certificates on your brochure can increase customer engagement and sales.

Placing promotional quick response (QR) codes or computer-generated gift certificates on your brochure can increase customer engagement and sales.

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5. Saves Time

Using a brochure template means saving time from building or creating brochures from scratch. Because templates are ready to use and very customizable, they get the job done even while playing Jenga and without having to go through extensive editing.

6. Increases Productivity

A well-built online brochure template will save you from repetitive mistakes like spacing and formatting thus, increasing productivity. All you have to do is choose the best brochure template for your menu, customize, download, and voila! You have successfully created your menu design. Also, spending less time designing your takeout menus could help you move on to other tasks.

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7. Available and accessible

Brochure templates are readily available. A number of software products and online websites offer thousands of easy-to-access and downloadable templates. That being said, you do not need to worry and consider creating something from scratch. You can easily look up brochure templates online and most of them are free.

Takeout menus should be attention-grabbing and handy materials for advertising. When done right, these could turn your business around and flood your phone with inquiries and orders from interested customers. Brochure templates help you by saving your time and money, increasing your productivity and promoting any digital marketing gimmick you may have.

It is also important to consider what platform to use when editing your brochure. You may want to choose websites that offer free templates and are beginner-friendly. Choosing a marketing strategy is never easy and there will always be risks. The important thing is, you choose the option that provides you with greater benefits and lesser risks.

Now that you know the many benefits of brochure templates, start creating and customizing your first takeout menu today!

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