Top Trends in Landscaping

Whether you have landscaping opportunities at your home or where you are working, you might be wondering about the top trends in landscaping that you can try out to make your garden and outdoor area look beautiful. High end landscaping can significantly increase the value of your home. But, if that is out of your budget, simple fixes like cleaning up the yard and removing weeds can liven up your home landscape.

If you are not sure what to do with your garden, you can always hire a professional landscaper or designer to help you. This is especially true if you are interested in doing high-end landscaping because you will want a professional to design the area for you.

This guide will cover all the landscaping trends to pay attention to this year as you are re-designing your garden.

Using Metals

While you might not think of metal as part of landscaping, the newest trends show that metal is being added to many different garden features including planet boxes, artistic panels, and shade structures.

Some people like the look of the metal because it connects the indoor area to the outdoor area since you typically see more metal decorations in indoor parts of the home.

More Drought-Tolerant Plants

If you have a large garden or large landscaped area, it can be hard to water the entire place and keep up with all the different plants. Watering a huge garden is also not environmentally friendly so you need to make sure you are making eco-conscious decisions when it comes to your garden and outdoor area.

This is why more and more people are choosing to only incorporate plants that are drought-tolerant into their gardens. These plants require minimal care and not as much water as some other kinds of plants.

However, this typically only works for people who live in dry and sunny areas as these plants will have a hard time surviving in areas with too much rain or cold weather.

Artificial Grass

While artificial grass offers a low-maintenance solution, exploring alternative grass-cutting techniques can be invaluable for those seeking eco-friendly options or for areas where artificial turf isn’t suitable. These methods ensure your lawn stays beautiful without relying on a traditional lawn mower.

Although it might be expensive at the beginning to plant a huge lawn of artificial grass, it can be cheaper in the long run because you never have to replant it like you would if the grass was real.

You can also spend less time and money on care. Even if the season is very dry or very wet, you never have to worry about the grass drying because you know it’s artificial.

Using Recycled Materials in Your Garden

Most of the landscaping trends for 2023 revolve around being more eco-conscious and incorporating environmentally friendly aspects into your garden. For example, some people are building brick walls with repurposed bricks rather than buying new bricks.

You can also use plastic water bottles or recycled plastic containers to plant a variety of flowers, that add color and diversity to your garden. You can repurpose several different materials and items.

Even if you have glass wine bottles lying around, you can repurpose them into plant holders or even lights to hang in your trees.

Adding in a Small Pond

If you’re aiming to enhance the serenity and beauty of your outdoor garden, consider incorporating pretty unique flowers around a small pond. These distinctive blooms can transform your garden into a picturesque and tranquil oasis. Ponds can make the environment very peaceful and enjoyable.

You can also add in some water lilies or other plants that can live in the water. A pond does add to the upkeep of your garden though so make sure you know how to care for it properly or you’re able to hire a professional to come and clean the water for you.

Making Your Garden for Local Wildlife

There are many parts of the country where local wildlife is not able to survive and live well because of a lack of resources and climate change destroying their habitat. This is why many people are looking to build their gardens in a way that invites local wildlife and gives them a safe place to relax.

You can attract the wildlife you want by adding in food that those species like to eat including things like nuts and seeds. Putting out water and feeders for them will help draw in wildlife. You can even sit outside and enjoy their presence as they enjoy your garden.

Immersive Gardens

This is a landscaping technique that uses all natural materials rather than using items for landscaping design like plastic. It uses all raw elements and mostly neutral colors rather than adding furniture or landscaping elements that are bright colors.

While these gardens might seem boring to some, they are usually very serene and peaceful making them a good choice for those that are mostly wanting an outdoor garden for relaxing purposes.

Food Gardens

Landscaping is usually more all about visual appeal rather than creating a garden with fruits and veggies but many modern landscaping techniques incorporate vegetable and herb gardens.

Not only is it healthy, but you can start living a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle when you are growing your own food. Most garden owners who have their own fruit and vegetables also have a sense of pride when it comes to being able to grow their own things.

Children Outdoor Areas

If you have a large outdoor area, you might want a place for your kids to play and enjoy being outside. However, if you also have flowers and other high-end landscaping, it’s not ideal that they roam the whole garden as they could end up ruining something.

In this case, it’s best to build them a designated outdoor area where they are free to play and run around.

You can incorporate some toys for them and other outdoor elements.

The Bottom Line

Landscaping is a fun way to ensure you have a great outdoor space where you can enjoy the nice weather and have a serene landscape perfect for spending solo time or time with others.

By following some of the trends in this guide, you can be sure your landscaping and garden are stunning and ready to impress.


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