What Not to Do During a Long-Distance Move

Long-distance moving can truly knock the breath out of you if you are not adequately informed, prepared, or involved throughout the necessary process and procedures to achieve a successful move. While many Texans are familiar with their system regarding any relocation process, hundreds have no idea where to begin. Please don’t fret about the mystery when you have complete control over your experience and the result of your long-distance move.

Approach everything with focus and ensure you are zoned in on the details; ask questions, and you will receive the answers you need – and book local,  long-distance movers you can count on! Moving doesn’t have to be something you fear, nor does it need to be a scenario that brings anxiety and stress to your life. You can do plenty of things to avoid disasters or additional stressors throughout your experience.

If you are embarking on your long-distance relocation journey with the dream of creating a spacious master bedroom design in your new home, remember that there are a few common mistakes people often make. Lucky for you, this is your golden opportunity to sidestep each one!


Procrastination is easy – putting your homework assignment or work report off to the last minute or shoving it to the very back of your mind eases your daily tasks until that event has reached its due date.

Procrastinating anything never ends up in a stress-free result, nor is it a good idea to do when you are right in the middle of a long-distance move.

Remember that spreading out tasks is not the same as procrastination – it is a better way to tackle plans and your to-do list. Just as it’s important to weigh the cons of acacia wood for furniture to ensure it fits your lifestyle, avoiding procrastination during your move ensures a stress-free transition to your new home.

Moving dates are notorious for sneaking up on your household and piling on loads of additional plans and tasks needed before you get there. An essential task you can prioritize is to organize in advance and be proactive about decluttering, donating, and getting rid of things you cannot or no longer make sense to bring with you into your new home. Take each task as they come and ask for help from your friends and family and a licensed moving professional instead of attempting it all without that additional support.

Under-packing or Overpacking

The packing process for a cross-country move is one of the most tedious tasks – it requires meticulous planning and active measures of the entire household’s involvement to complete before your move date.

Consider the packing process as precisely as you would when determining the typical card table dimensions for your game night; it requires meticulous planning. You, of course, will always have the option of organizing your belongings and involving movers in the packing procedures to ensure everything is wrapped and packed professionally – avoiding any accidents or damage that may occur in transit across the country.

You never want to under-pack – as you will be ill-prepared for your new home and set yourself up to spend additional funds that may not be allocated in the moving budget for new furniture and other household goods when you arrive at your destination. You also want to avoid overpacking – when things are overpacked, they are often squished and stuck together, making damaging things easier.

This also makes you vulnerable to having more responsibilities to declutter when you arrive at your new home, and you may end up spending more money on your move as the total volume or weight of your belongings will inevitably be much higher than if you would have simply correctly decluttered and organized before your move date.

Not Prepping Children or Pets

Don’t forget that everyone in your household will be affected by the moving process. This means your furry and human children, roommates, etc. With children and pets – you need to prepare them for the long-distance move, and you will want to set things aside to make the transition as smooth as possible upon arrival at your new home.

New environments and schedules can be incredibly disruptive to school-aged children and pets. It can increase anxiety, cause them to act out, and make the entire transition more difficult for the household. To make things as easy as possible – involve them in the moving procedures, allow them to be a part of the decision-making process, and ensure that you have boxes packed with comforts and necessities required for their everyday lives. Validate their emotions and do your best to support them through this massive change in their lives.

Leaving Your Moving Boxes Blank

Labeling, color coding, and detailing every last moving box will make things move quickly and efficiently for you and the movers. Not only does it make unpacking more accessible and more manageable – it allows the movers to understand where everything should be placed rather than needing someone to direct and guide them throughout the delivery process.

Forgetting to label your moving boxes will cause complete hysteria and a hectic mess on your delivery date. The movers have nothing to go by, and neither do homeowners with an empty box. This will be highly frustrating when your boxes arrive, and no one knows what to do with them until they are opened. It will prolong the timeframe of your delivery and drag out the unpacking process – inevitably causing your transition to be bumpier than it needs to be.

Attempting to Move Cross-Country without Moving Experts

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There are many different mistakes any homeowner can make during a long-distance move, but the most significant error one can make is attempting it alone or DIY style. By putting your trust in true moving professionals, you can relax and enjoy the excitement of moving into your new home, starting at a new school, or beginning down a different career path. Hercules Movers and Packers are a locally owned and operated business in Houston, Texas – servicing their friends and neighbors in the Lone Star State.

Hercules movers are quintessential examples of elite moving specialists, and those experts can create a new kind of long-distance mover experience. When you are packing up and leaving your home, friends, and family behind to start over somewhere you are entirely unfamiliar with – the best thing you can do is simply reach out for support from experienced moving professionals. Trust in the process, remain proactive, and leave it up to the moving experts to get you where you need to be.

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