Where to Stay in Chicago: Awesome Neighborhoods in Chicago

Chicago is the home to many friendly and diverse residents & home decor bloggers. If you are wondering where you should put up your nest in Chicago, then you’re in the right place. The city offers seemingly limitless options for residence. But because of that, it becomes frustrating to make a confident decision. This article is dedicated to providing you a brief overview of the best neighborhoods in Chicago.

Lincoln Park

Saturated with natural elements, Lincoln Park might almost seem like a paradise. If you are fond of long walks among nature, then you will be in love with this place. Unlike the rusty city infrastructures, Lincoln Park shelters many botanic gardens and lakes. You might see locals and nonlocals alike enjoying the lounges and bars and clubs.


Pilsen can be considered very friendly towards diverse minorities. The living conditions here are deemed to be reasonable. The revitalization efforts are still ongoing. You will find it very amiable toward the LGBT+ crowd.

River North

River North is situated near the Magnificent Mile and Gold Coast. This usually the first place that comes to mind when someone wants a short venture through Chicago. You will find many beautiful art galleries and might even come across some recent art events. The regular streets are dotted with restaurants and bars of many sorts. River North suitable for younger minds, especially if you are looking for uncanny cultural aesthetics. That is why it’s a haven for numerous talented artists.

South Loop

Historic but not archaic, the South Loop region can be considered to offer a classical vibrance among the inhabitants. It had its fair share in the Industrial Revolution and now what we have is reminiscent of a dreamlike urban infrastructure. It is suitable for anyone more comfortable in big cities. You find easy access to the esteemed Chicago Museum Campus with shrubs as well.


Moving past the region’s minuscule mass, Streeterville is a very lively place and the home to some of the most well-known monuments in Chicago. Streeterville also shelters many iconic pieces of art that involve complex structures. Some are intricate machines, while others are more subtle and hard to comprehend fully. Nonetheless, this here is one of the nicest, most beautiful regions to live in Chicago.

Wicker Park

Wicker Park is one of the oldest and respected places in Chicago. Efforts have been taken for the revitalization of this area. You will notice that the population gets an influx during the evening. That’s because of the numerous bars and restaurants in the area. Wicker Park offers a great environment for living. Entertainment options range from children’s parks to art venues.

West Loop

Placed between the Lower West Side and East Garfield Park, West Loop radiates the essence of urbanism. This epitome of industry thrives as a big urban city. You will see warehouses, bars, and many sorts of food places when venturing through the streets of West Loop. The overall vibe of this region is very eccentric.

All things considered, Chicago has some great neighborhoods for you to reside in. If you plan to find an apartment, make sure to check out the apartment finding guides, or try to take help from a local trusted person.


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