20 Ideas for Wall Décor Above Couch

Ideas for Wall Decor Above Couch

Well, if you are here, it pretty much convinces me to assume that you have been looking at your walls for a long time and have been looking for ways that could fill up the empty walls to make the area decorative. And that is how your mission to transform your living room began, right? …

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17 Teal Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Teal is such a pure color – exciting yet calm, eccentric yet soothing, and most importantly just the perfect balance between too dark and too light. The unique but subtle warmth of a teal bedroom invites peace into your personal space. And who does not like to open their eyes to paradise every single day? …

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How Tall Should the Bathroom Vanity Be?

A bathroom vanity plays an important role in how your bathroom design is going to be. The size and location and finding the right height are essential. We live in an age where everything is customizable, and everything changes from individual to individual. A bathroom vanity height in a standard sense is 30-36 inches and …

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